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  God sure is awesome - He's our best friend  

( Your Grace Still Amazes Me! )  

( Worship Song )

   Come Worship :

   In our Building or from our Parking Lot at 106.3FM

  Sunday School is temporarily suspended due to the COVID - 19

  Adult Choir Practice Tuesday's @ 5:30pm - All are Welcome

  Wednesday Night Services are temporarily suspended due to the COVID - 19

  TBC "Food Pantry" is temporarily closed due to the COVID - 19

   If you have a emergency please contact the pastor.

Come Worship inside our building

SUNDAY, July 19, 2020 @ 11AM

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Loving God, serving as Christ's disciples​, loving people, and spreading the gospel of Jesus                                                        in our community and throughout the world.

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Reverend Wayne L. Colton, Senior Pastor

Sunday Mornings:    

Sunday School @ 9:45 am 

(Temporarily Suspended due to the COVID - 19)

Family Worship @ 11:00 am 

In our Building or from our parking lot 106.3FM


Wednesday Nights:   

(Temporarily Suspended due to the COVID - 19)

Fellowship Supper @ 5:45pm  

Bible Study @ 7:00 pm  

Children's Activities @ 7pm 

​ Sunday July 12, 2020

Rev Wayne L. Colton, Senior Pastor

" Biblical Personalities in Challenging Times " 

 "A Warm Welcome to our Guests" Thanks for touring our Church Website.

Triangle Baptist Church is a Christ-centered church, you may be new to us, but you are known and loved by God. We hope one day you will come and give us the opportunity to get to know you. If you are passing through our area , we wish you Godspeed on your journey. If you are new to the area we invite you to come anytime. If you are looking for a church home, we welcome you to consider becoming a part of the Triangle Baptist Church Family.

Where to find us, and how to get there:

Come visit us at 4345 Inn Street, Triangle Va 22172! Nestled in a forest grove, off a quaint, narrow road, Triangle Baptist Church has a community - oriented neighborhood location that is easily accessible off Route 1 at Quantico Gateway Drive or off Joplin Road Route 619 outside Quantico Main cross roads to the USMC!

Calvary Christian School a shared ministry of Triangle Baptist Church



John R. Wallace, Sr. Administrator

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